A 60 VELOX New (Not Available)
Brand: SIPAX

Roll wrapping machine with axial control of all motors and laser sensor to measure the diameter and length of the roll - A60 Velox.

Wrapping machine of the latest generation 4.0 equipped with axial control of all the motors present and laser sensors for measuring the diameter and length of the roll.

This model is very suitable to be installed immediately after the final roll wrapping and finds interest in customers who need an automatic, compact and very versatile machine.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen panel from which it is possible to access the numerous settings that guarantee the closure of the roll at the customer's will.

The machine allows to wrap rolls of fabric with a heat-shrinkable nylon from 0,6 to 1,2 mm thick, to create narrow and closed rolls by means of "LEISTER" temperature controlled hairdryers.

Manual loading of the machine and automatic unloading on a plane.

Production capacity from 60 to 100 rolls per hour.

Larghezza 130 cm
Altezza 220 cm
Profondità 360 cm
Weight 700 Kg

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