A 45-6 (Not Available)
Brand: SIPAX

Roll-to-roll winder - A45-6.

Roll-to-roll winder that allows you to unwind and re-roll the fabric onto a cardboard tube, automatically trimming both selvedges to the desired height.

This fabric winder has the following features:

Fabric advancement speed variable from 0 to 35 MT/minute;
Measurement obtained by encoder located on the pulling cylinder and displayed on a touch screen panel;
Rolling on a mobile carriage controlled by electric photocells;
Checking the fabric on a bright surface with external lamps;
- Forward, reverse and stop commands by electric buttons with touch screen control panel from whitch it is possible to access all the controls;
Longitudinal pressure cutting device by two height-adjustable knife holders.

Larghezza 250 cm
Altezza 220 cm
Profondità 180 cm
Weight 700 Kg
Power absorption 1 KW
Power supply 220 V

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