A 39-2 (Available)
Brand: SIPAX

Fabric Inspection and measuring machine - A39-2.

The fabric entrey can be from a layer or from a roll with exit from a roll.

The fabric inspection is done on a ligh plan.

The measurement is obtained by encoder.

The unwinding of the roll take place on an unwinder equipment with idle cylinders.

To load the rolls there is a pneumatic device.

There is a end fabric photocell.

The mobile carriage is controlled by electric photocells whitch allow for excellent alignment of the selvage.

There is a roll weghing scale with weight dispaly.

There is the possibility of applying a sewing machine to sew the fabric head to tail.

Larghezza 300 cm
Altezza 245 cm
Profondità 250 cm
Weight 1200 Kg
Power absorption 4 KW
Power supply 380 V + NEUTRO

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