A 90 (Not Available)
Brand: SIPAX

Roller for control and measurement of the knitting finite or raw - A90.

The machine has the following features:

-Working height 2000 mm;
-Entery of the fabric in roll or flap;
-Fabric check on a testing surface complete with fluorescent lamps covered with plexiglas;
-Measurement obtained by electronic meter counter positioned on the pulling cylinder and displayed on a dispaly;
-Fabric feed speed variable from 0 to 30 MT - minute by means of a potentiometer;
-Forward, stop and reverse commands via buttons.

Larghezza 250 cm
Altezza 250 cm
Profondità 170 cm
Weight 800 Kg
Power absorption 1,5 KW
Power supply 380 V + NEUTRO

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